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Although it may seem computers crash all of a sudden without warning, most computer networks actually develop problems that cause them to crash, become insecure, or lose information gradually. Luckily, once you see the warning signs of an impending computer disaster, IT consulting can usually remedy the situation.

26 signs your computer may be heading toward disaster

  1. You get a blue screen. This is a big sign that something’s wrong. It could be anything from a virus to damaged hardware or failed hard drive sectors.

  2. Your computer runs slowly, and may even crash and require restarting.

  3. Your computer develops the tendency to freeze up, which doesn’t resolve unless you restart. This means you likely have damaged hard drive sectors.

  4. Your computer makes clicking or grinding noises, you could have hard drive damage stemming from a power surge or other sources.

  5. Your computer’s fan constantly runs. There could be a number of causes for this, and they could all lead to computer disaster.

  6. Your computer keeps rebooting itself. While this can indicate a hardware problem, the most common cause is a malicious virus.

  7. It takes a long time for your computer to boot up.

  8. Your mouse cursor won’t move.

  9. Your keyboard stops working.

  10. It takes a long time to save files. What took only a second before suddenly takes 30 seconds or even minutes to accomplish.

  11. Files you recently saved mysteriously disappear.

  12. Files you didn’t save suddenly appear on your desktop screen, usually because of a virus or Trojan.

  13. The BIOS of your computer doesn’t even detect your hard drive. This likely means you have a physically damaged hard drive, which will require immediate IT expert attention.

  14. Similarly, you get an error message saying your computer can’t locate your operating system. This also likely means your hard drive is physically damaged, which requires expert IT consulting services.

  15. Popup windows appear, even when you aren’t connected to the internet.

  16. Your computer suddenly changes your web browser to a new web browser you’ve never seen before and didn’t click on.

  17. You keep getting error messages of all kinds, even when performing tasks you regularly do.

  18. You get messages that say your hard drive isn’t formatted. This means your hard drive is damaged. Common culprits include viruses, partitioning software, malicious software, and more.

  19. Your computer refuses to complete certain tasks, which require you to create a workaround just to get things done.

  20. You find emails in your sent folder you didn’t send.

  21. You start getting emails that accuse you of sending spam emails.

  22. You haven’t backed up your computer in a while.

  23. Even if you are backing up, you haven’t check the backup log to monitor for errors.

  24. You’re not sure whether your computer network has the most current antivirus protection.

  25. You’re not sure whether your computer network has an updated computer firewall.

  26. If you notice any of these warning signs, it’s critical that you contact your local IT Consulting professional immediately. Not only could you potentially lose all of the business information on your computer, but your computer may also have security issues that can put your business at risk.

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