We can certainly tell you how to do something, but we find that it works best with our clients if you tell us what problems/issues you are dealing with or trying to solve. Then we can help you formulate a plan for how to best accomplish that in the Zoho world.



Our obsession is understanding the why of your business and transforming that into a system in Zoho that supports your corporate sales and marketing strategies, while making it streamlined and easy enough to encourage end-user adoption. We start each project with a discovery meeting, which usually lasts between 1 and 3 hours (though for more complicated projects, they may run longer). Regardless of where you are located, we can meet with you and/or multiple staff members via online meeting software and a conference line.

We will talk about your strategies and goals, things that have been working and those not working. Will you want to use Deals? Create Quotes from Zoho? Integrate other products? Build reports on activity? If you are using spreadsheets in your business, it helps us to see them prior to our meeting.


Our goal will be to develop a system for your business that increases the odds of success and to develop a system that makes the lives of you and your teams much easier and more productive.



Anyone can add a field. Really, it’s not rocket science. But we have years of experience in knowing what works and what doesn’t.


After our initial discussions, we can help you design the perfect CRM system that supports your goals and processes.


We can create the correct types of custom fields to segment your business, set up the custom modules to track any non-standard items, design layouts that are organized and clean without any unnecessary fields, build email templates to create quick responses or promote your business, add workflows to automate your business and create the reports and dashboards to help monitor your business. We can setup your users and define an effective system of security to control who sees what or who can do what.

We can handle it all for you or work in collaboration with you.

Migrating Data


Whether you are converting from another CRM, importing your data from Outlook or a spreadsheet or bringing over your data from your accounting system, we can help you get your data into your new custom-designed Zoho CRM database.


We’ve successfully converted from, Highrise, Hubspot, and several others. We’ve been able to convert everything to Zoho: Contacts, Companies, Opportunities, Notes/History, and Activities.


When familiar data has already been added to the database, it significantly improves end-user adoption.



Zoho has a suite of over 40 native products that can be used to run your business.


While the integration among the products is somewhat straightforward, there are conditions to setup each of the connections. We can help with that.

We can assist you with setup and/or learning any of the other Zoho Products as well. We know them all.


Have a problem you want to solve? Let us know and we can suggest what might work for you.


Since Zoho is now one of the most popular online CRMs, there are also a ton other products that can be integrated. That way you can keep using what works well for you while maximizing your use of Zoho.


  • We offer group or individual training that is very user friendly

  • We use your custom-designed database for our online training sessions and they are usually less than two hours

  • We can cover both web and mobile apps during our session.

  • While we cover keystrokes, our focus is on training that reinforces the goals that we set out in our initial discovery session

  • We can also provide in-depth training for your administrators to help you be more self-sufficient

  • Short follow-up training sessions are recommended to help your team really get up to speed